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Guide to perfect pitch deck

You can find our guide to pitching below, your pitch deck shouldn’t have more than 15 slides and should cover the below details.

Company purpose: Define your company in a single declarative sentence.

Problem: Describe the pain of your customer. How is this addressed today? What are the shortcomings of existing solutions?

Solution: Time to reveal your product and share why is your value prop unique and compelling.

Market potential: Identify your customers and your market. Show that you address an appealing market with the TAM/SAM/SOM concept.

Why now?: The best companies almost always have a clear why now. Why hasn’t your solution been built before? What has changed now?

Competition: Who are your direct and indirect competitors? How will you win over them?

Business model: How do you intend to thrive?

Team: Tell the story of your founders and key team members.

Financials: Inform about the most important financial metrics and unit economics. Give an overview of the company's history and previous financing rounds.

Roadmap:  Show current traction/growth, Highlight the milestones you want to achieve with the new funding. Don’t forget to mention the investment sum you want to raise!

Vision:  End with the overall vision you have. What is your long-term goal — what will you have built in five years?

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