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Sanil Sachar

Founding partner, Huddle & General Partner, Huddle Venture Fund

Sanil Sachar is a founding partner of Huddle and the General Partner in Huddle Venture Fund. An avid angel investor having started his investment journey through early-stage angel investments in 2016, as part of his expertise, he works closely with ventures across revenue strategy, marketing, business development and distribution, partnerships, team building and capital raising, and investing from Huddle’s second fund.

The former product and revenue strategist from Star Sports India, Sachar is a national best-selling author with four books that have been critically acclaimed and received by readers around the world.

After beginning his professional career at Star Sports, Sanil has been an entrepreneur and promoter of a global sport-tech wear brand, Tru and has been largely involved as an operator building ventures where he plays the role of an advisor to companies across scale as an independent advisor or on the board of firms backed by Huddle.

Sanil is a frequent columnist and motivational speaker with sessions around the world and across multiple TEDx talks. With over 200 works published, Sachar is one of the few Indian authors to be published in all forms of literature. Sanil is a co-producer, with his film Mantra which obtained great critical acclaims and won the best film at the South Asian Film Festival in New York.

Sanil Sachar
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